Autumn menu at Umberto

October 17th, 2017

Autumn Menu: after the hot neapolitan summer here is the autumn!

Seasonal ingredient are used by our chefs: Mediterranean cous cous with vegetables and octopus, vegetarian pie, with potatoes, aubergine and smoked provola tortino & sour buffalo cream, buffalo mozzarella with fried sliced seasonal vegetables, mediterranean caesar salad , cruncy fried shrimps in corn flour with Pink Cocktail sauce and lettuce, velvety neapolitan pumpkin & potatoes soup with buffalo blue cheese and croutons could be your choice between starters and salad! Pasta will be hand made pappardelle with buffalo blue cheese, porcini mushrooms and walnuts, seafood risotto with fresh shelfish, squid, scampi and calamari, octopus from the catch of the day, Linguine with friarielli, squid, local red shrimps and vesuvian tomatoes, Spaghetti with colatura di Alici di Cetara (typical Anchovy sauce) and rye sauce, and ziti with genovese sauce, typical long cooked neapolitan onions and beef sauce. As main we suggest spicy seafood soup, salted cod, baked salmon, neapolitan meatballs cooked in 3 different way (steamed, fried and baked) & Friarielli or Pork loin stuffed with cheese, friarielli and bacon braised with fiano wine & mushed potatoes. You must conclude the meal with Tiramisud, our speciality, all made with ingredients from the South of Italy, crem caramel or babà. Ice cream tartufo could be also a very good choice!!

Here is the autumn menu

Autumn Menu UmbertoCome to try!! We are waiting for you.

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