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Umberto’s Winter Menu

January 29th, 2018

Winter is forwarded. Umberto greets the parties and with it the traditional Christmas dishes, and slightly changes the menu for the occasion. Discover it with us.

It’s cold and our chef, a lover of traditions, offers hearty neapolitan dishes. Dishes that once assured the right caloric intake to fight the low temperatures and to load the energies. Our corroborating dishes such as larded spaghettoni, broken ziti, gnocchi, and sweet and sour pork, are really appreciated by all kinds of people, while for lovers of seafood dishes in this period you can taste dishes such as spicy cassis.

spaghettoni lardiati, Umberto RIstorante

In our seasonal menu there is no lack of traditional dishes, the poor dishes of the people, such as the cianfotta and the meatballs, sometimes elegantly revisited as the scalloped cod on cicerchie purée, which combines two traditional folk dishes. There is no lack of chic dishes, such as octopus with turmeric and anchovies in Kiev or the stuffed squid, which expresses all the strength of the sea and the earth in one course.

Finally, as per tradition, for our most curious guests we will have the dish of the market, a dish that honors the ancient heritage of the restaurant to choose only seasonal raw materials based on the availability of the market.

From Umberto you can also taste the great classics of Neapolitan pizza, such as Margherita and Marinara, and remember that our restaurant opens to various lifestyles and dietary requirements, for which we make pizza, but also first and second dishes gluten free.

Last but not least, always by tradition, we want to serve high-end desserts such as artisanal truffles (Dark Black, Hazelnut, Forest and Pistachio) by Gay Odin, or you can opt for desserts prepared by us like the babà or our tiramisud, a tiramisu made with all the ingredients of the south.


Il menù stagionale di Umberto Gennaio 2018

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