Il menù di Pasqua 2018

The Neapolitan Easter Menu in Umberto Restaurant

March 16th, 2018

Easter Day, like all religious events, in Italy is associated with a deep culinary tradition that takes on different characters depending on the place of origin.

The Neapolitan Easter Menu is characterized by a large banquet, made of rich and tasty traditional recipes, where the meat undoubtedly dominates, especially the lamb.

The debut of lunch is represented by the fellata, a dish that includes a series of typical Neapolitan cured meats arranged in a very large plate, accompanied by savory ricotta, boiled egg and the ever present tortano.

Easter can not be defined as such without the presence of Zuppa Maritata, a true tribute to the gastronomic tradition of Naples, having long been one of the main favorite dishes during the Kingdom of Naples before the advent of macaroni.

The lamb is one of the symbols of Easter and therefore dominates on the tables of Neapolitans, in the versions: baked, grilled or as a delicious seasoning of pasta.

Finally, Easter lunch can not end with the undisputed symbol of Neapolitan confectionery art:  Pastiera.


Easter’s menu

Pasqualino appetizer (based on various salami, capicollo, ricotta salata, boiled egg and tortano)


“Maritata soup”


Timballo of Maccheroni of the ‘700 (with puff pastry, meat sauce, meatballs, provola and aubergines)


Pappardelle with Lamb Sauce


Little lamb at the Pasqualina


Grilled Mixed (sausage, beef fillet and lamb) with spicy broccoli


Baked lamb with potatoes


Neapolitan meatloaf with eggplant parmigiana

Pastiera or Fondant with chocolate

To drink:


A Goblet of Aglianico

Limoncello di Sorrento

€ 45.00

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