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What to do this Summer in Naples? Spend your Ferragosto in Umberto 1916!

August 12th, 2018

What to do in Ferragosto in Naples? Spend it with us at Umberto!
Dear friends, we are here. Ferragosto is coming and the options of what to do in August in Naples are really numerous.

For us August is a pleasant month with its load of smells, warmth and beauty. Naples has slowly emptied of its inhabitants and remain small and big curious that are wandering the streets and historical monuments Neapolitan still open.

Some are convinced that Naples is more beautiful to live in this period, because the city shows itself in all its beauty, and probably without traffic is certainly a city more on a human scale. For this reason Umberto will remain open until 17 August, and therefore for those who in mid-August should be in Naples can certainly find refreshment from us, tasting some tasty dishes from our à la carte menu!

From 18 August onwards, Umberto will also have time to take a summer break. In truth, the summer break will be a bit sui generis, because it is true that for a couple of weeks our restaurant will be closed, but from 18 August will start renovations :). So even if we are closed, in reality, we will be working to offer all our friends and customers a new experience of Umberto 1916. Renewing is one of the most beautiful aspects that an ancient activity like ours can offer our customers: freshness, novelty , always wanting to give the customer the best, even these are aspects of Umberto 1916 we curate for more than one hundred years.

Happy Holidays, by Umberto 1916!

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