Eating with historical Monzù Cavalcanti: special dinner

February 18th, 2017

Eating with historical Monzù Cavalcanti: the Gusto buono di Napoli project.


Associazione culturale il Gusto Buono di Napoli

The kitchen and the Neapolitan cuisine are a mine of food processed and refined and, similarly, a unique variety of popular dishes, simple, delicate perfume or strong taste. The development and enhance the simplicity, both, the taste of the wonderful products of the earth and sea. In recent years the gastronomic offer has been distorted, reduced to very few dishes, however, taken out of context of conviviality and enjoyment, also aesthetic, which were the basic elements of Neapolitan cuisine. In Naples, as in other European cities, the evolution of gastronomy has become intertwined with the emergence of large ceramic manufacturers, whose originality must also to productions destined to the food service for convivial meetings.



A tavola con Cavalcanti: Cucina teorico-pratica


La Napoli dell’ottocento

The project of “The good taste of Naples” wants to recover the complex dimension of eating well, already masters of the past intended as the sole result of tasting food and drinks, admiring the dinner tables of the conversation enjoyment.

The Event – Dinner:

After the “punch”, he savored the Duke of Martina’s Museum, in the continuation of occasions built for the enhancement of the historical Neapolitan cuisine and the whole chain of convivial you continue with a dinner by “Umberto” (Via Alabardieri 30), looking for inspiration in recipes Cavalcanti, also finding, in those pages, the basic elements of a Naples not stereotyped, that escapes the clichés and try to regain his European pride through the products of its territory and the great tradition of craftsmanship.


Cuoco Monsù

The Cavalcanti menu

Soup “illuminated”

Macaroni ‘ncaciati

calamari farsiti


I vini.

Irpinia Falanghina Doc “Lila” Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

Bianco di Bellona Coda di Volpe Doc- Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

BiancoMandorla Vino Aromatizzato alla mandorla Martinez

Abbinati con ricercata attenzione da Lorella Di Porzio ai piatti serviti


Tavola imbandita dell’800 napoletano