Discover Umberto’s new winter menu

December 13th, 2019

In Naples you can already breathe the Christmas air, the illuminations adorn the streets and the stalls meander through the streets of the Neapolitan neighborhoods rich in characteristic jewels and typical dishes such as pastiere, cassate and struffoli.

Natalize festivals are deeply felt in Naples, this visceral bond is felt above all in the gastronomic field, which begins to take on the Christmas traits already from the first days of December. Today, Umberto, the historic restaurant of Naples, inaugurates the new menu full of dishes that foreshadow the good taste of Christmas. In fact, already today it is possible to taste one of the symbols of Neapolitan cuisine, but above all of Christmas, like the reinforcement Salad, created to “reinforce” the Vigilia menu, which according to tradition had to be light. This salad, based on cauliflower, papacelle, olives, capers and anchovies, accompanies the entire Christmas period until New Year, and, therefore, starting from Christmas Eve it had to be renewed (reinforced) gradually in the following days with new ingredients. ”

Another new entry in this December menu is the famous ‘Menesta Maritata’, a tasty recipe that comes from the ‘sodality’ or ‘marriage’ of seven typical Christmas vegetables with meat. It is one of the oldest Neapolitan dishes, probably imported by the Spaniards in the 1300s. Today, it appears as the most representative dish of Christmas day, but also of Easter holidays in a more “light” form.
Inevitable, the Classic and Neapolitan Pastiera, intense and fragrant, is one of the oldest desserts in the Neapolitan tradition and accompanies the most important holidays.

Among the dishes on the winter menu, not to be missed, are the recipes prepared and processed by Umberto Ristorante, a tribute to tradition, in a creative and modern key that bears the signature of the Porzio family, such as the Linguine alla Natalina, with olives, capers, anchovies, Sorrento walnuts, pine nuts, raisins and cherry tomatoes, or the Paccheri di Gragnano alla Masaniello with Friarielli, squid cuttlefish and cherry tomatoes.
To honor Christmas, Umberto created the Christmas Pizza with organic cereal and seed mixture, Agerola mozzarella, mushrooms and bacon, a novelty that will certainly not escape the most loyal customers.

Among the most popular dishes, Umberto proposes the Chickpea and Shrimp Meatballs, the Grilled Octopus with turmeric mashed potatoes, buffalo mozzarella with vegetables, the Slow Food Presidia Soup, or the delicious Seared Cod with mashed chickpeas.

Among the novelties, instead, Umberto presents the Crispy Shrimps with Organic Brama flour in pink sauce (cocktail); for lovers of meat not to be missed is the Pork Ripieno with provola di Agerola, spicy broccoli and Gioi cheek, braised in Fiano di Avellino Dop.

To round off lunch or dinner, you can opt for the great classics of Campania pastry such as Caprese with Chocolate & Figs ‘monnati’ from Cilento and Pastiera (a typically Easter cake, but which we also offer at Christmas). Loved by patrons: Tiramisud, a baba with Sorrento lemon cream and hazelnuts from Giffoni or the Neapolitan Cheesecake with buffalo milk ricotta, raspberry sauce and caramelized almonds. For those who like to challenge the cold, there is the artisan truffle by Gay Odin!

We are waiting to share many happy moments of harmony and gastronomy together !!

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