Discover the typical Umberto’s autumnal menu

October 18th, 2019

DA few days ago, Umberto inaugurated the new menu, even if autumn came on September 21st, the climate does not seem to want to know to give way to the new season. The food varies according to lifestyles and habits and Umberto waited a while before introducing into the menu dishes born of tradition to fight the cold and / or give the right caloric intake, given that climate changes are evident.


Umberto presents the new menu designed to enhance the typical products of Campania and the ancients

legacies that still make Neapolitan gastronomic tradition alive. Space for Slow food awards, such as the Presidi, a sort of protection mark that supports small traditional productions that risk disappearing, enhancing territories, recovering ancient crafts and processing techniques. Also from the Slow Food universe are the Products of the Ark that indicate the existence of extraordinary products such as fruit, vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, breads, sweets, and cold cuts, and denounces the risk that they may disappear, protecting food biodiversity and food family and small-scale agriculture. Among the Slow Food products in the new Umberto menu we find: the Provola of Agerola, the Cacioricotta Cilentano, the nduja of Nero Casertano, La Colatura di Alici, the Onion Ramata di Montoro, the Cicerchie of the Campi Flegrei, the Piennolo del Vesuvio, the Pomodoro San Marzano, the soup of the Slow Food presidia and the Fichi Monnati.

Among the dishes that represent ‘the recovery’ of the ancient traditions Umberto offers Maccheroncini al Pettine with potatoes, Neapolitan muzzariello and Provola d’Agerola. Muzzariello is a sausage typical of the Phlegrean-Giuglianese area produced with waste meat from the front quarter, then dried for at least a month. Excellent the beef stew with the bird with San Marzano tomatoes and scaglizzi of polenta, typical triangles of fried polenta. In the menu, the ‘Cod fish of the poor’ introduced in the Neapolitan cuisine in the 1500s is inevitable. We find it in the menu of Umberto in the ‘Neapolitan’ version and in combination with the cicerchie of the Campi Flegrei in the now-must dish of Umberto’s cuisine: seared cod with margarita-style fegree grass purée. Try the meatballs, queens of the reclaimed kitchen, in a nice revisitation: with lemon, tomato and with broccoli. Good and innovative the revisitation of the Gattò of Potatoes Mignon with Sausages and Friarielli and Fondue of Provola d’Agerola or the stuffed squid, historically stuffed with breadcrumbs, from Umberto it is possible to taste it stuffed with friarielli and provola with tomato sauce del Piennolo del Vesuvio.

Great attention to the dish of the market: a dish that changes every day based on the availability of raw materials and the chef’s creativity, the dish can vary from the typical pasta and beans or pasta and potatoes to more original dishes such as flagfish and lemon , or like paccheri with pumpkin and monkfish. The Catch of the Day also depends on the availability of products on the market: snapper, sea bream, sea bass or even more rare fish such as lampuga, flagfish or spire, bream that change according to the seasonal transit of fish in the Gulf of Naples .

On the menu there is no lack of lively dishes such as the salmon tartare marinated in sugar and salt and mango and ginger sauce or the Cous Cous but seasoned with small vegetables and the very Neapolitan Polipetti alla Luciana.

Among the pizzas on the menu could not miss the great classics like Margherita and Marinara or the Pizza Scarpariello or Verace, both with Mozzarella di Bufala Dop. Excellent the classic Neapolitan Tris of Montanare (classic, Genoese and sausage and friarielli) and the alternative Pizza with organic cereal and seed mixture, Provola d’Agerola, yellow tomatoes and Nero Casertano nduja. Inevitable, in a completely Neapolitan menu the fried pizza ‘A today at eight’ with ricotta provola cicoli and pepper.

Among the desserts, all delicious, we mention the chocolate, almond and Cilentan cheesecake; Tiramisud – a babà with Sorrento lemon cream and Giffoni hazelnuts – many typical Neapolitan desserts such as the lemon sorbet and the English soup, which despite its misleading name is one of the bestsellers of the Neapolitan gastronomic tradition.

Umberto’s menu is the right combination of the ancient legacies, fixed points of Neapolitan culture, and modernity. Umberto, a conscious choice of tradition that has been renewed for over a hundred years.

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