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The new summer menu in Umberto 1916

June 4th, 2018

Summer ha arrived for Umberto, and as usual the change in the menu followed the change imposed by the rhythmic gait of the seasons.

 Naples in June becomes a lively city, full of colors and scents, ranging from those of jasmine flowers on the terraces of ancient buildings to the smell of the sea, which is insistent especially for those who walk in Piazza dei Martiri and among the alleys close to Chiaia.

In June, where eating in Naples then becomes a desire induced by the warm climate, marine and fragrant with flowers. In this season, Umberto Restaurant adopts a menu that knows how to interpret the breath of freshness and at the same time of fragrance that invests Naples at this time of year.

menu estivo Umberto’s summer menu will certainly not lack new dishes based on fish, such as the spicy sea cassuoletta, or fresh swordfish and gratin with panko, pistachios & lemon accompanied by a fresh salad and fillet of sea bream “all’acqua pazza” could not miss among the summer dishes of Umberto.
If for you the summer menu does not match with fish dishes, you could taste our very good cut of beef on a bed of rocket, cherry tomatoes and flakes of Parmesan.

For lovers of summer vegetables, do not miss our country salad, consisting of spinach, fresh goat cheese, walnuts, tomato confit and pear or try our “melanzana ‘a scarpone”, that consists in typical stuffed aubergine with bread croutons, black olives, capers and aubergine!

Umberto’s MenuMENU ESTERNO GIUGNO 2018 1-2



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