Discover the new Umberto’s mid-season menu!

May 24th, 2019

Umberto’s menu is constantly evolving, while remaining tied to the cardinal principles of tradition, the choice of high quality products, but above all of products of season; he cannot disregard this dancing climate and the fact that the half-seasons – which seemed to no longer exist – are again in vogue. We are at the turn of spring and summer, the beautiful days begin, and the new seasonal menu represents a crossroads between these two seasons. The dishes offered are fresher, lighter and more colorful prepared with the typical spring products, still available, such as asparagus, rocket and pumpkin flowers that we find in original dishes such as the Summer Salad – made from cherry tomatoes, shrimps, rocket, asparagus, lemon and pepper, the Risotto di Mare with saffron, zucchini flowers, shrimps and crispy lemon breading; still asparagus to honor the flower season, paired with o ‘muzzariello (a typical Neapolitan sausage tanned with pig trimmings, which honors an old heritage, very much felt in Naples, according to which the’ pig does not throw anything away ‘ , a well-balanced combination of flavors that gives life to the Pappardelle with asparagus cream, Neapolitan ‘muzzariello’ with Caciocavallo Podolico.
Many products that announce the summer are on Umberto’s menu, such as courgettes, tomatoes and green beans, assembled in light and tasty dishes such as: Scialatelli with mussels, zucchini pesto, cherry tomatoes and Roman pecorino flakes, or the Petto of chicken with orange with agroa beans absolutely try the fresh green beans and basil Fagiolini, or the tasty Sliced Beef Filet with rocket, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan flakes.
There is no shortage of seafood dishes on the menu with typical ingredients of the Campania gastronomic panorama, revisited in a modern key, such as the Seared Squid on salted cheesecake with gazpacho from piennolo tomatoes, an absolute novelty on Umberto’s menu! Always in tribute to the Neapolitan tradition, the Calamaro Grilled stuffed with breadcrumbs and olives with piennolo cherry tomato sauce. Inevitable the typical products of the Campania tradition such as: the Black Casertano Pork which falls into the category of PAT (traditional food products) ingredients that have remained in the memory and culture of a small circle of producers of the most internal areas and which are now sought after by the more careful consumers. The Black Casertano Pork is present in two dishes of the new seasonal menu: ‘Tiepida’ Vegetable Soup with black casertano nduja and cereal or sweet-and-sour bread croutons – where the dish includes Black Casertano Pork with Neapolitan papaccelle, onions and potatoes au gratin, accompanied by Neapolitan Papacelle, another PAT (traditional food products presidium). On the menu there is obviously the Mozzarella di Bufala one of the most important DOP products in Italy, beloved by tourists but also by the “Neapolitan people”. Colatura Di Alici, another product PAT is an excellent dressing for Linguine with Neapolitan tarallo, Cetara anchovy dripping and Confit tomatoes.
Among the desserts in this menu, half-seasons stand out: the delicious “Neapolitan” Cheesecake with mango sauce and caramelized almonds and the Della Nonna Crostata – stuffed with custard and fresh seasonal fruit.



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