What’s going on at Umberto’s for Christmas Eve dinner? Find it out!

November 16th, 2021

Appointment at 8.30 pm at Umberto! The menu will be the traditional and typical of the Christmas Eve dinner, accompanied by excellent wines from Campania and the Neapolitan “posteggia” with guitar and mandolin with classical and traditional Neapolitan folk songs.


Menu of Christmas Eve dinner 24/12/2021 (€ 90,00)

Typical octopus and potatoes salad and slices of bread filled with mozzarella cheese and anchovies;
Escaroles (local endives) pan fried with pine nuts, black olives, capers and sultanas in puff pastry;

Spaghetti with clams;
Sea bass fillet “crazy water” (acqua pazza) with vesuvian tomatoes and Mediterranean aromas served with baked potatoes and olives;
Insalata di Rinforzo (special Christmas Neapolitan sweet and sour salad) and small bites of salted cod fried;
Struffoli and typical Christmas cassata.

To drink: Neapolitan lemon Spritz – Fiano di Avellino Docg Tenuta Cavalier Pepe – Limoncello

How to book for the dinner for Christmas Eve:

To book the table, 30% of the total amount of the dinner must be paid in advance. The deposit can be made through bank transfer on our current account BNL Paribas Agenzia 7 of Naples, Piazza dei Martiri:

Umberto S.a.s. – Ristorante Umberto

IBAN: IT 17 I 01005 03407 000000003326 SWIFT BIC: BNL I I TRR.

It is possible to pay the whole dinner also through Nexi link: just an email address or a mobile number and we are going send you a link for payment by bank transfer or credit card.

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